Never Alone: What it means to be part of a community

Alex and Janice

One of our mantras at American Contingency is “You are Never Alone”. This is the core of everything we do to inform, equip and train members to be resilient and prepared for any contingency.

Self-reliance is a good thing, but at the same time we are interdependent upon each other. The power that comes from bringing people together is exponential. Our horizons are broadened, we begin to look at problems and solutions from different angles and we learn from each other.

When each of us does what we can to help our community become better prepared in some small way, we are having an effect far beyond what we could imagine. And, at the same time we build networks of people we can trust and depend on when times get rough.

AmCon member Alex had such a community in Southern California where he lived with his family. When he decided it was time to move his family from California to Texas, he never expected to get help from an operations center staffed with dozens of members from the states they passed through, but that’s exactly what happened.

Their trip was fraught with hazards and unforeseen disruptions, but the larger AmCon community provided the safety net they needed to get them to their destination. We like to call missions like this “Overwatch”. This plan to help a young couple didn’t take a lot of time and effort for any one person because there were so many members helping out. But it meant a LOT to Alex and Janice. Watch their story below.

Are you helping to build a community that you would like to be a part of? It starts with you! Join American Contingency and connect with other members in your area who love this country and want to keep our families and communities safe and strong in times of uncertainty.

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You are never alone!

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