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couple facing a disaster

Psychological First Aid

When disasters or traumatic events occur, we often stand by feeling helpless and unsure how to help. A less talked about aspect of dealing with a crisis is the effect on the mind and emotions.

Backcountry hiking

Wilderness First Aid

Outdoor activities can be a lot of fun, but they also pose significant risks that are compounded by being in a remote location, far from your home, vehicle or EMS services.


Stop the Bleed, Save a Life

Trauma is the number one cause of death for those aged 1-46. The loss of blood from injury can quickly become life threatening and often needs to be addressed before first responders arrive. Fortunately, with some basic training, those who are not medical professionals can apply some basic techniques to stop a bleed and save a life.

first aid kit

What’s In Your Home Medical Kit?

Fieldcraft Survival’s family preparedness director walks us through her setup for a home medical kit. Follow @ms-amber-elle on Instagram for more family preparedness content. Here are a few examples of …

emergency preparedness checklist

How to Create a PACE Plan

Having a plan to communicate with family members or team members when infrastructure goes down is a great way to provide peace of mind, considering the threats we face today.

self defense

Your 5 senses are your best DEFENSE

We have five senses that everyone is very familiar with – touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. According to ancient Egyptians we as a species have 365 senses. Regardless if …

driving in snow

Tips for driving in the snow

These days, we get plenty of warning of impending snow and ice storms. Other than an occasional snow squall, we have plenty of advanced notice of winter weather headed our …

wood stove

Staying warm in the winter

The wind is shaking the windows and howling through the fireplace. You look outside and it is not inviting. The chatter in the house is restless and you want everyone …