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surviving an earthquake

How to Survive an Earthquake

Earthquakes can occur anywhere in the world, and often without warning. In fact, according to the US Geological Survey, earthquakes are responsible for more than 90% of all natural disaster fatalities.


Preparing for a Hurricane

Hurricanes are not just a coastal problem. Rain, wind, water and even tornadoes could happen far inland from where a hurricane or tropical storm makes landfall.

Maui emergency response

Community Preparedness

In February of last year, a series of extreme winter storms struck Southern California’s mountain communities, burying them under 106 inches of snow and stranding thousands of residents for weeks. …

woman scrolling on her phone at night

The Unhealthy Habit of Doomscrolling

AmCon is committed to “keeping the Members up-to-date on current events and threat models they may be exposed to.” If we are not careful the “keeping current” part of the …

budget planning

Financial Uncertainty – How can we Prepare?

Are you concerned about the cost of preparing and how it could impact your monthly expenses? Do you worry about the potential of losing your job, which could further limit your ability to invest in preparedness? How can you take steps towards being better prepared, without sacrificing your quality of life?