Louisville, KY – On 16 JUL, NFAC Leader, “Grandmaster” Jay Johnson threatened
Louisville, KY City officials that his armed Militia would come to the City if they did
not provide him with answers on the Breonna Taylor case. On 18 JUL,
“Grandmaster” Jay put out an all-call to mobilize NFAC to Louisville.
Grandmaster Jay/NFAC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZMyWzFHv3k
16 JUL

SOURCES: https://youtu.be/t8DZiQ0LnHw?t=150 18 JUL,
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiij4hOkm_0 20 JULL,

Significant Activity: On July 4th, NFAC made a show of force, marching on Stone
Mountain in Georgia, with a large group of armed individuals. During this event
they made repeated threats, calls to arms, and calls for violence. Specifically, the
call to target people based on race, claiming, “most white people are in the KKK”.
They also called for the destruction of Stone Mountain via explosive device.

SITREP: NFAC Leader “Grand Master” Jay has called on all NFAC members to rally
in Louisville, KY on 25 JUL, 2020 at 12PM Local. Location, Central Highschool, just
a few blocks from known protest location, Jefferson Square Park.
His intentions appear to be a show of force to push the Louisville Government to
arrest Officers involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting. He has threatened 5000
to 6000 armed participants.

Recommendation: We highly recommend avoiding known protest areas such as
Jefferson Square Park and the nearby Government buildings. NFAC is an
extremely radical group whose propensity for violence is not yet known.
However, they have shown intent and capability.

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