North and South Carolina Election Day Protest Activity

DOI: 10/30/2020

SIGACTS: Multiple Election Day Protests across North and South Carolina.

SITREP: Multiple protests scheduled for the Carolinas on Election Day organized by “Protect the Results”. Known protest locations include:

  • Charlotte/Mecklenburg County, NC
  • Union County, NC
  • Wake County, NC
  • Jackson County, NC
  • Highlands, NC
  • Catawba County, NC
  • Greenville County, SC

RECOMM: Generalized Election Day protests are expected across the United States. Protect the Results claims to oppose any events beginning after dark or planned at ballot counting locations, but other anti-Trump organizations have indicated they will target polling places for disruptive activity. The common perception among leftist groups is Republican voters primarily wait until Election Day to vote, and will do so at the end of the typical workday. The potential for PTR members to join up with other protests after dark cannot be discounted. AmCon personnel should take precautions to vote early and avoid polling places and public areas at all possible. PTR protests are coordinated across the United States outside of the AmCon Southeast Region and they are assessed to be well-funded, well-organized, and capable of sustained operation. PTR claims “every vote shall be counted” – in NC, ballots postmarked on or by Election Day can be counted for up to nine days afterwards. Protests are likely to continue for several days if not weeks; ensure final preparations are made for food, water, medicine, and other supplies well in advance of Election Day. 

SOURCE: “Protect the Results” website/social media accounts.