OKLAHOMA CITY, OK/ 15 AUG 20/ Oklahoma County commissioners strike controversial resolution after protests

SIGACT: Oklahoma County commissioners were set to pass a new ordinance which would limit protests outside the Oklahoma County courthouse to six designated areas. Protestors voiced their free-speech concerns during public hearings. The county commission is examining changes to the proposal to pass a version of the original ordinance. The protestors organized under the “Moral Monday” protest, originating in North Carolina as a means to conduct civil disobedience and demonstrations designed to force local governments to change their tactics.
RECOMMENDATION: The commission stated their intent to rewrite the ordinance. Any ordinance along the same lines will be met by protest from the same group. Avoid Oklahoma County Courthouse on Mondays.





Notes: According to witnesses, several members of the protest brought firearms to the event and roughly 20-30 people gathered nearby to listen to speakers.

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