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To live out the mission of AmCon, Members of the Network take personal responsibility for their own preparation and response. They join with other like-minded Members and work together to build strong teams and communities.

The day-to-day activities of Members are focused on:

  • preparing – carefully considering the risks and threats to the wellbeing of yourself, your family, and your community. Determining the impact of those risks should they materialize, and preparing a response and recovery plan you can confidently execute.
  • responding – to your own situations and others, through helping others we help ourselves, and
  • recovering – whether it is training or actual, review your performance, restock, repair, etc


The day-to-day activities at Headquarters are focused on:

  • informing – keeping the Members up-to-date on current events and threat models they may be exposed to;
  • equipping – finding, curating, and offering to Members the equipment, training, and other resources they need to be successful, and;
  • connecting – helping individuals get connected with other like minded people to form teams, helping teams form into groups, and groups into a nationwide Network.

As AmCon headquarters we take the responsibility of providing content, training, and direction across the network. We focus everyday on one of these nine Core Content Areas.

All of the nine topic areas above can be found on a desktop computer on the right hand side menu. See the image below:

If you are on a mobile device you can find the topics at the bottom of any article.

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