TULSA, OK/ 31-Jul —04 Aug 20/ Painted BLM Message prompts push for “Back the Blue” art from Tulsa Republicans.

SIGACT: Tulsa, OK recently painted  “Black Lives Matter” along Greenwood Ave. Republicans in the area are now pushing for a competing public art display. Other competing groups are requesting various “lives matter” artwork as well.

RECOMMENDATION: Be advised any “lives matter” mural, art or demonstrations are potential targets of violent protest and opportunistic crime.

SOURCES: https://tulsaworld.com/news/local/government-and-politics/painted-blm-message-prompts-push-for-back-the-blue-art-from-tulsa-republicans/article_84461946-bc28-51d0-996c-d0f0b175fe85.html 

Notes: Constitutionally, the city has to provide equal space along a city street for the competing “lives matter” messages otherwise they will be subjected to 1st amendment lawsuits.

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