Possible BLM/Antifa protests in Charlottesville, VA on/about 7 September.

What:  BLM/Antifa demonstrations possible in the vicinity of the downtown Charlottesville on/about Monday, 7 September (SEP) or possibly the weekend before or after that date

Why:  The County Board of Supervisors (BoS) voted to remove the Confederate Soldier Statue situated in front of the County Court House, which is situated two (2) blocks north of the Charlottesville downtown walking mall in “Court Square.”  

When: The leading press article reported in early August that the BoS scheduled the Confederate soldier statue’s removal for 7 SEP 2020.  Subsequent press articles, however, remained silent on the date.  More to follow as information becomes available.

Analysis:  The removal of every Confederate Civil War historical remembrance is a BLM/Antifa propaganda victory and cause for further open demonstration and/or celebration.  This statue’s removal further sets the conditions for counter-protesting by a variety of groups including less educated / similarly more emotions-driven white supremacy advocates.  Therefore, the risk of recurrent violence in Charlottesville will remain high until after the statue has been removed.

For further content and liberal media narrative on this issue read: https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/08/11/charlottesville-lessons-cities-provocations/

Perspective | Charlottesville keeps happening, all over America


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