Orlando, FL – On July 19th, 2020, Kira Calvaresi was arrested during a protest in downtown Orlando. Calvaresi has since been released and has posted on Facebook about injuries she claims to have been caused by Orlando Police Officers (figure 1).

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Figure 1 Facebook post by Kira Calvaresi

Calvaresi appears to be an ANTIFA sympathizer. She was recently featured in an article in the Orlando Sentinel regarding the State Attorney’s office decision to drop charges against her (https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/crime/os-ne-protester-arrest-disorderly-conduct-dropped-20200720-spfogvhrc5ghdmmpbq5mcep5ny-story.html)

 Her Facebook timeline consists of anti-police and pro-revolution memes, GIFs, and comments.

SIGNIFICANT ACTIVITY: Charges dropped against Calvaresi and approximately 80 other protestors arrested during Orlando, Florida incident on June 2nd, 2020.

SITREP: With her charges dropped and media coverage, she may develop a following.

RECOMMENDATION: Further monitoring and research of Calvaresi’s affiliates. No needed precautions at this time.

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