Portland, OR / 8/31/20 / 0900 / After action report for pro Trump car rally in Portland

SIGACTS/SITREP:  The pro Trump car rally was tracked on Facebook by ANTIFA / BLM activists.  They were filmed in Clackamas preparing to roll out and their departure was communicated in real time to ANTIFA / BLM activists in Portland.  Freeway overpasses were manned by activists and “balloons” filled with unknown substances and other objects were thrown down onto the Pro Trump cars as they passed into Portland.  ANTIFA / BLM activists physically assaulted several Trump supporters who were on foot and people in vehicles as the procession slowed in downtown Portland.  In addition, ANTIFA / BLM activists were filming all the vehicles giving special attention to the license plates of the pro Trump supporters.   There was also the murder of a presumed Trump supporter later that evening by a presumed ANTIFA / BLM activist.

RECOMMENDATION:  Understand that ANTIFA / BLM of Portland have a machine that tracks movements of their opponents, plans ambushes and collects information and video evidence that they intend to use against you at a later date.  Doxing could include: revealing your participation in the event with your employer, all the way to tracking you to your home in preparation for a physical attack at a time of their choosing.  The D.A. of Multnomah county is highly unlikely to protect the rights of anyone who opposes ANTIFA / BLM activists and is also highly unlikely to prosecute an ANTIFA / BLM activist who assaults a citizen of any other persuasion.   Exercising our rights as American citizens is a priority for all of us here, but attempting to do so at this time in history in the city of Portland is a losing proposition.  The cards are stacked against you and will remain so until the political situation in Portland changes and law and order are re-established.



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