Ann Arbor, MI/ January 19 1:00 – 3:00 PM / Protect the Results Event


Protect the Results is organzing nationwide events via Mobilize. 

“This is a placeholder event, so if you signup, you will be notified if we mobilize. Exact times and locations will be determined by local event leaders.”

Protect the Results is funded by Indivisible Action and Stand Up America. 




The track record of the groups involved and apparent degree of organization suggest that this event should be taken seriously even though not much is known at this time.  

  • In the Detroit Metro area there are at least 45 Indivisible closed facebook groups, most with at least 1,000 members each.
    • these groups were formed shortly after the 2016 election
    • most have only a couple of posts/month recently
  • There is no evidence that the active local protest groups have signed on to this event so far

Continue monitoring the situation.  More should be known after January 6th.

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