A group is planning to protest in support of removing a confederate soldier statue in Weatherford, Texas.

SIGACT: It’s not entirely clear which group is planning the protest. However, in July, a Fort Worth-based social justice group known as Enough is Enough came to Weatherford to protest the same statue and were met by a group of armed citizens.

Members of both groups were armed and the incident quickly escalated.

Eventually, the Enough is Enough members boarded the buses they came in on and left the area.

It is highly likely that Enough is Enough is involved in this protest as well.

SITREP: The protest is set to begin at noon, on 29 August at the Parker County Courthouse. The courthouse is located at 1112 Santa Fe Drive Weatherford, Texas 76086.

RECOMMENDATION: The first time Fort Worth-area activists attempted to protest the confederate statue, there were reports that Enough is Enough organizers were surprised by the size and intensity of the locals who showed up to counter them.

That will not be the case this time.

It’s likely that an even larger group will come to Weatherford and they will likely be armed. The threat level for this particular protest is extremely high. Especially considering the shootings taking place this week at riots in Kenosha.

It is recommended in the strongest terms, that AMCON members avoid Weatherford on 29 August.


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