The Mike Ramos Brigade is holding a protest in support of Kenosha and Jacob Blake.

SIGACT: The Mike Ramos Brigade is a social justice activist group created in honor of Mike Ramos, an Austin man killed in an officer-involved shooting. This group has been very active with all anti-police protests that have occurred in Austin. The Brigade has posted memorial tributes to Garrett Foster, the AK-47 toting BLM supporter killed in Austin 25 July, and Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, the two Kenosha rioters killed by Kyle Rittenhouse. They also post approvingly of arson attacks in Kenosha and other hotspots of civil unrest. The group is closely tied to BLM and not adverse to acts of violence or civil unrest.

SITREP: The event is scheduled to start at 1830 on 29 August. However, as another indication that there could potentially be violence at this event, the group says they will post the meet-up location “closer to the event.” Naturally, giving authorities and citizens less lead time to prepare.

RECOMMENDATION: There is already a standing order to avoid Austin, specifically the Downtown areas. This report should serve to buttress that.


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