Pacific NorthWest Youth Liberation Front (PNW YLF) sent out a call as of yesterday to start
organizing marches through “sheltered suburbs”. This call comes days before the J25 protests. No
further information at this time.

PNWYLF has been extremely active out in Portland and they have over 27K followers on twitter and
23K followers on Instagram. I do believe they have influence and that this may occur if they are
calling for it – other YLF across the country seem to look towards them as leadership. They are the
primary point which has pushed out information regarding the J25 protests.
Additional protests have been added for this weekend. They are attached in this email. Changes
from last update are highlighted in yellow.

Assessment for Protests/Riots:
Antifa has been successful in their most recent 2020 activities by staging themselves against “the
man/the government/Trump” and attempting to somewhat win hearts and minds of locals – even with
tactics such as having Portland Moms come out and support. Their current stance is that it is the
people versus the federal government and the state government systems that are oppressive as well
as anything rascist/facsist. However, I must note that protestors are extremely supportive and polite
to each other – thus reinforcing the fact that right now they are not in the stage of fighting where they
are seeking fights against the local populace. Right now the feds (i.e. DHS and US Marshalls)
provide a narrative and joint object of hatred for them to join up against. Antifa has also united
people in their call for abolishment of specific systems of government (i.e. police). These narratives
are in progress – however, once something is achieved or surrendered, I assess that the next move
would be control and control of the populace – potentially escalated violence. We are not there yet.
Antifa has previously used tactics that were more aggressive against citizens but they are not
presently doing this. I’m not saying they wont do it – I’m saying that they arent doing it right now.
This could potentially shift rapidly however, if counter protesters show up or if states do not give
them exactly what they want.

Avoid these locations and nearby areas during the specific times of protest – stay off the streets if
you can. It is likely they will escalate and use similar tactics including explosives and homemade
teargas. Any confrontation will likely be met with violent – some protestors do carry various weapons
such as katanas (swords), hammers, and knives and clubs. Talk to your neighbors – Antifa having
100% control of the narrative is a recipe for disaster.

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