Psychological First Aid

couple facing a disaster

When disasters or traumatic events occur, we often stand by feeling helpless and unsure how to help. A less talked about aspect of dealing with a crisis is the effect on the mind and emotions.

Psychological first aid is to your emotional, psychological and spiritual well being as medical first aid is to an injury to your body. It is designed to help people in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or traumatic event to help survivors reduce initial distress and foster long term coping ability. You don’t need to be a counselor or a chaplain to help others who are hurting.

“Psychological First Aid” is a one hour free video training course that you can take on your own time to learn this critical skill. It is part of an educational course series that has been created to provide free lifesaving information and training.

ICSAVE offers online video training as a part of their Immediate Responder Campaign. ICSAVE was founded on the core belief that every citizen, when provided with appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities, can protect his or her communities from preventable injury and death.

You, too can be an immediate responder who helps others recover and potentially saves lives. Watch and learn!

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