Local, unnamed North Texas organizers working in conjunction with a group known as “De-Confederate Austin,” is holding four rallies against confederate monuments at different locations in North Texas.

SIGACT: De-Confederate Austin is run by a college professor at Austin Community College, who describes himself as “anti-fascist.” Areas of interest for De-Confederate Austin include: bringing “historical accuracy and moral clarity” about America’s historical and current racial realities, as he sees them. Decriminalizing homelessness is another area of interest.

There is no known history of violence with this group, and the announcement of the rallies says the events are to be “non-violent.”

SITREP: The first event is to be held at the east side of the Parker County Courthouse in Weatherford, Texas, from 1200 to 1500 on 29 August. The next event will take place at the northeast corner of the Historic Courthouse on the Square of Downtown McKinney from 1800-2030, also on 29 August.

On Sunday, 30 August, the first event starts in Kaufman, Texas, with a rally in Shannon Park at 1300. Attendees will then march to the south side of the Kaufman County Courthouse and end at 1500. The last event will be held at the north east corner of the Cooke County Courthouse from 1800-2100.

RECOMMENDATION: Though this particular group has no violent past, the Weatherford event is concerning because it has been the scene of at least one clash between locals and groups seeking to remove the confederate soldier statue there. There’s also another protest scheduled in Weatherford with a group coming in from Fort Worth. Given the divergence of groups and the troubles there in the recent past, it is recommended that Weatherford be avoided on 29 August.

The recommendation is to remain vigilant and situationally aware of the other three locations. Though, the area doesn’t necessarily require avoidance.

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