Portland, Oregon / August 8, 2020 / 2300 /   72 days of violent protests continue – Rioters set fire to Portland Police Association building

SIGACTS/SITREP:  On Saturday evening rioters vandalized and set fire to the Portland Police Association building.  Three police officers were hurt in the effort to disperse the crowd and allow firefighters to deal with fire.  The Portland Police Association building is five miles north of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland.  It has been attacked two nights in a row as rioters expand the area’s within Portland that they are attacking.

RECOMMENDATION:      Avoid the areas around the Portland Police Association, Peninsula Park, Laurelhurst Park, Berrydale Park and Kenton Park.  All of these areas have been rallying points for the rioters over the past several days.
SOURCES: https://news.yahoo.com/protesters-return-streets-parks-portland-050015999.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=tw

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