9/13/2020 – Lancaster, PA – Riots were held in response to a recent police-involved shooting. No lasers appear to be on footage. A police SUV was vandalized to start off the riots. Protesters randomly threw bottles and bricks at times (members in all black hoodies/gloves/masks). A large commercial trash receptacle was placed in the road to deter the police blockade from moving forward. An unmarked SUV was lit on fire. Unknown protester lit a tree on fire; however, a group of protesters quickly put it out and were against this action. Protest medics were on the scene to assist with tear gas used to push back the crowd. At times, the crowd was willing to let traffic pass. No curfew looks to be set in this area yet. Protesters are only allowing recordings by those they have designated as able to record in the area to avoid those watching from predicting their movements. Mob leaders and speakers try to aggressively attack any independent journalists they do not recognize from past riots. Several arrests have been made and we are seeing one million-dollar bails for rioters caught (S5).

RECOMMENDATION: Unless you are in these protests yourselves, please stay away from these areas. Some rioters do have firearms at the hip in the area. Expect more riots in this area if curfews are not enacted. Much larger Antifa groups are near Lancaster (Philadelphia/New York) that could move into this area once they know curfews are not enforced here based on previous riots across the US. 


(S1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6y80gGShK0

(S2) https://twitter.com/ElijahSchaffer/status/1305387897135206402?s=20

(S3) https://twitter.com/ElijahSchaffer/status/1305377689004658689?s=20

(S4) https://twitter.com/ElijahSchaffer/status/1305307842384138240?s=20

(S5) https://www.foxnews.com/us/lancaster-protesters-bail-alleged-riots

(S6) https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/14/us/lancaster-pa-protests-police-shooting-trnd/index.html

(S7) https://twitter.com/Lancaster_DA

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