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Note: This is a sample of the Friday wrap up of the content that has been shared in the AmCon main site feed for the week of Oct, 15. The original article posted on the Members site has multiple links to additional content.

As we wrap up this week I want to announce a video series. Every Monday for the next few weeks will see an episode of Mondays With Mike Glover where he’ll share his thoughts on various topics–and you don’t want to miss any!

Priority Prepping looks at the supply line shortages and what we can do in advance. The article focuses on five areas of immediate impact if supply lines shut down. It’s not an all inclusive list but it’ll help jump start your thinking.

Update: The President said later in the week, his administration is addressing this issue, but still has a lot of work to do. There has been lots of talk about Christmas presents (noise intended to distract), but little about medications that are still imported mostly from China. I had one medication that has been backordered for 3 months now. I had anticipated this at the beginning of 2020 so we began stocking what we could. I can get by for 2 more cycles. Simple medication required for heart patients.

While on the topic of Preparedness, if you haven’t taken the Personal Threat Assessment please download this ASAP using the button below. This is different from the supply line issues, but knowing your own vulnerabilities can give you an edge (that’s why I shared the story about my medication above). My wife and I assessed our situation and knew we needed to focus some attention there.

The Intel Team is looking for Members that will help monitor info networks to provide our AmCon family with information that we can use. Please read the article New Information Requirements to see if this is an area where you can serve your AmCon network. This is vital as we move toward a daily SITREP.

If there is an area of preparedness that is all too easy to overlook it is our Mental Resilience. For most of us something in our background provides a basis for preparing our outside world. But our inner world can be easily neglected.

I’ll leave my house in an hour. I’ll put my EDC bag in the backseat of my car as always. For the last couple of months I’ve started using that to trigger a quick “checkup”. @chaddavis has given us a handful of everyday “exercises” that can really help. You can download a four point list on the button below. The full article on What is Mental Resilience is a great introduction to both the Group Mental Resilience Training and the practice of creating mental resilience.

Preparing your inner world as well as your outer world is important to preparedness.

Have a great weekend!

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