Seattle, Washington / 25 JUL 2020 / Seattle March Turns Violent; 21 Officers Injured

SIGACT: The Youth Day of Action & Solidarity with Portland Demonstration held in Seattle on 25 JULY 2020 turned violent around 16:00 when roughly a dozen activists set fire to portable trailers, damaged personal vehicles, broke windows at the King County Youth Service Center/Judge Patricia H. Clark Children and Family Justice Center, and attacked the East Precinct with an unidentified explosive.

At approximately 22:00, demonstrators traveled north to a residential area near Magnuson Park, near the neighborhoods of View Ridge and Sand Point, and blocked the intersection of NE 60th Street and 60th Avenue NE. This intersection is believed to be near the Mayor’s house.

RECOMMENDATION: Demonstrations in the vicinity of the East Precinct will have an increased risk of violence. Demonstrators previously occupied the area by force and appear to resent that the City took the area back. Violence should be expected at any demonstrations in this area. The East Precinct is also a likely destination for any demonstrations that originate in the Downtown Seattle area.

It should be expected that activists will begin targeting other areas with demonstrations, particularly affluent residential areas where their demonstrations will garner the most attention.


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