Portland, Oregon / 25 JUL 2020 / Several Large Groups Gather in Portland  

SITREP: Several large groups gathered throughout Portland, Oregon on 26 JULY 2020.

One group blocked N. Lombard Avenue for about an hour using sections of chain link fencing to block N. Lombard Ave and using cars and trucks to block adjacent streets. Others groups originated in North Portland and made their way downtown, while others marched on a nearby Marriott hotel after activists tweeted that Federal agents were staying at the hotel.

Thousands ultimately gathered in the vicinity of the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, shaking the fence around the building, throwing rocks, bottles, and assorted debris over the fence, shining lasers through the fence, firing explosive fireworks into the area blocked by the fence, and using power tools to try to cut through the fence.

RECOMMENDATION: Continue to avoid the Downtown Portland area and use caution throughout Portland in general as demonstrations have spread to residential areas.



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