Situational Awareness

I’ve been practicing Situational Awareness for at least twenty years. It’s second nature to me. I never realized there was a name for what I was doing until one day I stumbled upon a YouTube video by Mike Glover, talking about Situational Awareness. So, there was a name for it! Who knew? I was just doing what my natural instincts told me to do. I wasn’t being paranoid; I was being prepared. And those were the words Mike Glover said in his video which stuck with me. You can check out a clip from his video in the Situational Awareness course.

I started researching it, and I found more information about Situational Awareness. I was able to learn how to open my subconscious to allow me to be present in the moment, while nonchalantly taking in my surroundings. You don’t have to look obvious. You can blend and scan, you can notice body language and your environment without anyone even realizing you’re doing it. This practice, at the very least, can alert you ahead of time to a danger or situation in your vicinity and give you time to be proactive. It can also save your life.

I always scan my yard when I leave the house, or when I’m pulling into my driveway. When I drive anywhere, first things first, I lock my car door. Also, I’m always looking to what’s ahead. I look left and right before pulling out at an intersection at a red light or stop sign – even if I have the right of way. I do this because what if someone in oncoming traffic isn’t paying attention and runs that stop sign? Just by taking a few seconds to observe your surroundings can prevent an accident.

When I exit my vehicle, I scan the area to see who and what’s around me, keeping my back to the vehicle. It doesn’t matter if it’s the gas station, the grocery store, a friend’s home or even my own home. I have made it a habit to be aware of my surroundings all the time. No matter where I am, I know where all my exits are located.

This might sound like paranoia when seen through a certain frame. For others, like me, it’s about knowing what’s going on around me and in a society where random acts of violence can happen at even the seemingly safest of places – situational awareness is me being aware of my environment.

If this sparks something inside of you to know more about how to be situationally aware and release the thoughts and feelings that this level of awareness is based in anxiety and paranoia – click here and take your assessment to find out where you can be more prepared so you can respond and recover in case the unexpected comes knocking you on your tookish one day.

Get Ready, so You are Ready, When You Gotta be Ready!