Six feet of snow and winter just started!

The Northeast got walloped last weekend with Buffalo receiving six feet of snow in about 24-hours. Would you be ready for something like this in your neck of the woods? Perhaps you aren’t in a region that gets snow. Maybe your concern is thunderstorms, tornadoes, earthquakes, flash flooding, drought, water shortage, mudslides…seriously I could go on and on, but I am not here to scare the heck out of you.

My intention is for you to realize that so much can happen regardless of the area you live in. Being prepared and having the basic necessities is one thing. Water, food, shelter, and warmth. That’s where you start. How would you keep yourself warm if your electricity went out and it was 35 degrees and blizzard conditions outside? Cold weather can be deadly when you don’t have the means to get yourself nor keep yourself warm.

Can you start a fire? Do you have enough wood? What heating elements, for food, are in your house that don’t require electricity? Oh, you just thought about your grill? Well, it’s 35 degrees outside and your grill is under six feet of snow!

You know there are things you can prepare for when the seasons change and you look around and don’t see what would be needed when Mother Nature brings the wrath.

Taking your assessment so you know exactly what to focus on will help you navigate the inundation of information you will receive if you decide to just “Google it.”

We have members from all over the United States with a ton of experience getting themselves prepared. They can guide you, the local chapters can mentor you, and you can get the answers you seek without trusting an algorithm beset upon putting the highest paid ad in front of you.

Page one of Google is one thing. A room full of experienced friends is another. 

Join AmCon today and for less than a cup of fancy coffee you can begin to make the plan that prepares you and your family. When the weather man says, “six feet of snow in the morning,” you can look at your family and say, “looks like hot cocoa and playing in the snow for us!” That feeling of knowing you got this as in control as you can considering Mother Nature is always in control is a beautiful thing!

See you on the inside!