The Austin Justice Coalition (AJC) is holding a “Stand 4 Breonna” march, in tribute to Breonna Taylor, at Austin City Hall.

SIGACT: The AJC is an Austin-based group that is devoted to the defunding and ultimate abolition of law enforcement. They are also active in other initiatives such as registering inmates to vote. The group has organized several demonstrations in and around Austin and is one of the more active social justice organizations in the area.

SITREP: The march is scheduled to take place on 19 September at 1300, at Austin City Hall. Location: 301 W. 2nd Street Austin, TX 78701

RECOMMENDATION: The City of Louisville recently settled with Breonna Taylor’s family. An agreement which includes police reforms in addition to $12 million, will likely be seen as insufficient by activist groups given that the officers involved are yet to be held criminally accountable.

For that reason, demonstrations in support of Taylor – which were already among the more tense demonstrations – will likely get worse. The recommendation is to avoid Austin City Hall on 19 September.


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