Statement from American Contingency About our Founder, Mike Glover

American Contingency is an organization committed to helping families prepare for, adapt to and overcome crisis moments in their lives. Our Founder, Mike Glover and his family are experiencing such a moment with Mike’s recent arrest.

While we cannot comment on the specifics of ongoing legal proceedings, we are watching and addressing the developments with the utmost gravity and concern. We are committed as an organization to fostering a culture of respect and integrity within our communities, and we do not condone domestic violence in any way.

We ask for privacy and prayers for his family as they navigate this difficult chapter in their lives. As a community, we will continue to practice what we preach in working through these challenges and we encourage you to continue to build stability and resilience for your family and community.

Mike deserves the due process of law and as the facts come out, it may paint a clearer picture of what happened. As with most investigations, time will help our understanding of the facts.