MULTI-STATE/ October 22 / States at Highest-Risk for Increased Militia Activity


Militia Watch and the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project have issued a 31 page report identifying:

Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Oregon are at highest risk of increased militia activity in the election and post-election period, while North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, California, and New Mexico are at moderate risk for increased militia activity in the election and post election period. 

Key Conclusions of report:

“There has been a major realignment of militia movements in the US from anti-federal government writ large to mostly supporting one candidate, … resulted in the further entrenchment of a connection between these groups’ identities and politics under the Trump administration, with the intention of preserving and promoting a limited and warped understanding of US history and culture.”

“These armed groups engage in hybrid tactics. They train for urban and rural combat while also mixing public relations, propaganda works, and ‘security operations’ via both online and physical social platforms…  There is an increasing narrative and trend that groups are organizing to ‘supplement’ the work of law enforcement or to place themselves in a narrowly defined ‘public protection’ role in parallel with police departments of a given locale.”