ROCKLAND, N.Y. 20JUL, Law Enforcement Officers identify the body of Roy Den Hollander,
died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the face and whom they believe is responsible for the
shooting at Judge Esther Salas’ home of residence. At this time, the police do not have a motive
or an official statement to explain Den Hollander‘s link to the shooting, besides loose
conjectures in a 2015 case when he appeared in her court as counsel and had written
unfavorably of the Honorable Esther Salas in his authored books.

SOURCE: FBI Newark (

Anyone employed in publicly funded positions for employment should take extra security
precautions to include: alternating routes from home to work, making a personal list of
discrepancies to be addressed, increase heighten situational awareness of ones surrounding,
reaching out to local law enforcements and neighbors/community members for guardian angel
assistance, inform immediate friends and family of the current cultural/political climate, and
properly arming themselves to include sound training from Field Craft Survival or other highly
reputable firearm training organization. Those living in densely populated areas (e.g. suburbs
and city) should research what their state’s castle law doctrines are; notus bonem: Rhode Island
fully respects Castle Law doctrine.

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