Location: Palatka, Florida

Date/Time: 8 August 2020

SIGACT: Suspected “Proud Boys” confronting and intimidating a young black woman. Video is approximately 10 seconds so unable to gain context of what caused the event to occur or how it ended. Likely occurred during the 7 August 2020, Black Lives Matter Protest over the fate of a Confederate monument. Counter-protesters included III%ers, Bikers for Trump, Oathkeepers, and Proud Boys. Some of the initial BLM organizers included DarNesha Leonard, a BLM activist, Rev. Ron Rawls. Any BLM, ANTIFA, or like group protesting in Northeast Florida is likely to meet counter-protest from the above groups to include other groups such as St. Augustine Tea Party and similar conservative groups. Any event that goes forward will likely result in violence or at the very least confrontation. 

Source: Black Lives Matter: Tampa Facebook Page; The Daytona Beach News-Journal

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