The Path to Value as an AmCon Member

The transition from an idea to a vast community of Americans committed to working together for the good of family, local communities, and a nation-wide network of more than 50,000 members in the span of a couple years has been nothing short of amazing. 

“People who are law abiding citizens who pull their resources together to take care of themselves.”Mike Glover AC1 Founder American Contingency

So what does that look like?

You come to AmCon as an individual member. Here you’ll encounter a people commited to one another. That mission is fulfilled in local teams who organize specialized training, events, and community resource focus. 

Those teams are organized into Groups that exist based upon geography (AmCon Southeast), special interest (AmCon Ham Radio Network AHRN), or special need (Mental Resilience Training). 

Groups organize training courses like those in the Ham Radio Network (more on that in future posts), provide special alerts like those by AmCon Weather, and hold special events like so many do on a regular basis. 

Note: Finding Group(s) right for you is your next step once you become a Member. They facilitate much of the benefit you’ll gain in AmCon. 

The future of AmCon is very bright. 

Join American Contingency and become the support system you and your home need!

original author: E. Mulford