The following threat warning is provided so that members of American Contingency are aware
of and preparing for significant potential of civil unrest in and around certain critical dates
and/or activities in the near future.

17-20 AUG Democratic National Convention- Virtual event anchored in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
with various co-events hosted across the U.S.
21-24 AUG Republican National Convention (Charlotte, NC)- Official business, nomination of
DJT as Presidential nominee.
24-27 AUG Republican National Convention “Celebration” (Jacksonville, FL)- DJT acceptance
speech and follow on celebration.

Historically political conventions have served as rallying points for a variety of political actors
allowing for demonstrations and/or other activities meant to make known various grievances,
real or perceived, in order to influence political outcomes.
The 2020 election cycle will be utilized by a variety of actors to include BLM, Antifa, and/or nonaligned
actors to conduct broad spectrum civil insurrection and violence prone demonstrations.

Based on current insurrectionist activity it is assessed that the RNC/DNC Conventions will
provide for a platform by which various neo-Marxist elements such as BLM, Antifa and others
will conduct broad spectrum, politically centered demonstrations and related activities in order
to disrupt the conventions and further their goal of destabilizing the United States.
It is assessed that BLM, Antifa and other forces will utilize a variety of means and methods by
which they will seek to disrupt the political conventions and/or create conditions leading to civil
insurrection and lawlessness.
Local security forces will more than likely be overwhelmed by the volume and nature of the
intended protests and in some cases local security forces will be ordered to “stand down” in the
face of these protests as has happened during the period of civil insurrection on-going since
May 2020.

AC personnel and allies should be prepared for localized civil unrest during the conduct of both
the parties national conventions.

  • Monitor local and national media to include social media in order to remain aware of
    threat forces activities in the aforementioned locations
  • Monitor localized insurrectionist activity regardless of your location as civil unrest may
    not be confined to convention areas
  • If you own commercial real estate and/or a business in vicinity of the convention areas
    be prepared to harden and/or otherwise secure your business against looting and/or
    protest damage
  • Be prepared to respond to direct physical assault on your person and property
  • Be prepared for disruption of critical infrastructure in your area including power
    generation and cell service
  • Be prepared for a lack of police presence in your localized area. LE will be overwhelmed
    and may not be able to respond
  • You should already be prepared with food, potable water, fuel, and other necessities
    allowing you to shelter in place if required
  • Be prepared to evacuate your area in the event of * AC personnel and allies should
    already have established criteria and plans in regards to the potential need to displace
    to more friendly environments
  • Be prepared to respond to requests for assistance from other like-minded personnel
    within your area of operation * You should already be networking with like-minded
    individuals within your AOR. American Contingency will be forthcoming with
    additional resources in this regard in the near term.
  • Prepare alternative means of communication so that you can communicate with allied
    forces should conventional (landline/mobile) communications experience disruption.
    Remember PACE (Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency)
  • Identify critical care facilities outside of the zone of insurrection to utilize should you or
    an ally require medical support
  • Have cash on hand

    At the time of this report there are 106 days until the election. Additionally, SARS-COV-2
    continues to be a daunting adversary with second and third order effects presenting a variety of
    threats regardless of how you perceive the virus. You must utilize the time available now to
    ensure you, your family and wider community are prepared for severe disruptions and civil

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