ANN ARBOR, MI/ AUGUST 24 – 28 7 AM to 8 PM / Change In Traffic Flow 


Changes in the traffic flow of select streets to accommodate move-in-week for University of Michigan students.  Change between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. every day this week until Friday.

Bus routes will change. Parking meters and structures may be affected.






  • Thompson St.: Southbound one-way traffic between E. Jefferson St. to Packard St.
  • E. Madison St.: Eastbound one-way traffic between Thompson St. and S. State St.
  • E. Washington St.: Westbound one-way traffic between S. Thayer St. and Fletcher St.
  • E. Ann St.: Eastbound one-way traffic between Zina Pitcher Pl. to Observatory St.
  • Observatory St.: Southbound one-way traffic between E. Ann St. and Geddes Ave.

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