Richmond, VA – On 24 JUL, Analysts were made aware of an anti-police/anti-government event taking place in Richmond, VA on 25 JUL, 21:30 local, Monroe Park. The Insurgent group responsible is unknown at this time.

Source – Delegate Todd Gilbert, VA

SIGACT: Antifa is likely involved as starting Riots and Civil Revolts is their MO. 25 JUL is also a highly symbolic date for Antifa, “International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners”. On 22 JUL BLM757 held a rally in Richmond where they announced an alliance with the Boogaloo Bois – SRGC. Both have explicitly expressed their rejection of government and governance. Their involvement is yet to be determined.

SITREP: 25 JUL, a call to violence, in solidarity with Portland, has been put out. The call specifically states “Fuck the Feds…. No Peace Police – Do what you want. Fuck shit up.” This is an emboldened and direct call for violence and destruction.

RECOMMENDATION: Take precautions to avoid the Monroe Park area as well as any Government Building (particularly Federal) over the weekend. While unconfirmed, there is a high likelihood that this event is intended to take place and that it will be violent.

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