Washington D. C.  / 26 July / Summary: Al Sharpton is organizing a large protest (40k+) in Washington D. C. scheduled for 28 August. Multiple organizations are assisting in organization, including reserving hotel room blocks for out of town protesters, and providing 1000 buses for shuttles.

SITREP: The National Action Network (NAN, ran by Al Sharpton) is organizing a “Get Off Our Necks” March planned for 28 August, beginning at the Lincoln Memorial and ending at the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. The march is being co-organized by NAACP, National Urban League, and the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation. The march is expected to draw a large crowd (40k registered currently, up to 100k expected), and NAN has blocked off hotels with reduced rates for out of town people looking to travel into D. C. for the event, as well as reserved 1,000 buses to shuttle people in. As of 30 July, there has been little mention of the march on local protest groups social media; however, the figure below shows the reach/impressions on Twitter of tweets containing the hashtag #NANMOW2020 (the march’s associated hashtag). Protests in D. C. have not been nearly as kinetic as those in Portland, but with the expected large crowd and rise in tensions, there is plenty of opportunity for agitators to exploit the event for their own purposes.

RECOMMENDATION: Monitor protest groups associated with violence/rioting for any mention of the #NANMOW2020, and local (D.C.) groups for escalation of rhetoric towards police or others who do not share their beliefs. If you live in the D. C. area, have a plan to get out of the area; large crowds/clogged roads will restrict mobility of first responders should the need arise.

SOURCES: https://nationalactionnetwork.net/register-for-nans-march-on-washington-get-your-knee-off-our-necks/; https://dcist.com/story/20/07/25/march-on-washington-2020-dc-details-sharpton/

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