AmCon Chapters

Our focus areas for 2024 are to expand our outreach to women and families, enhance the on-boarding experience for new members and build new chapters across the United States. Our quest to become more resilient must include our families and our communities. The more people who are prepared to face adversity, the better off we all will be.

To that end, we are building a structured training program that will give you and your family members a way to learn the skills necessary to survive and thrive in crisis.

Our Situational Awareness team produces regular, timely reports that ensure you and your loved ones have validated information regarding events, activities, and threats that you may face each day.

We are expanding the AmCon Marketplace to make it easier for you to list your business and exchange goods and supplies among members. This is a small step to building parallel systems that can help minimize the effects supply chain disruptions.

We offer access to discounts and offers for the products you need: long-term storage food, health and medical supplies, and solar generators to name a few. In addition, we will be offering access to everyday services that you already use that will help support the organization.

We will continue to build resources to help you reach out to your friends, family, and neighbors to offer them what they need to be better prepared for whatever life throws at them next. This includes building a disaster response program built around the CERT model with dedicated regional teams, staging locations around the country, and trailers with equipment and supplies to enable us to respond when our members need help. This program gives members who are interested in disaster response a way to build critical skills and give back to communities.

In ideal times, the challenge to achieve these goals would be a big one, and as we stare down the barrel of a recession or an economic crisis, it may look even more daunting. But these are the times when our families, our communities and our country need us the most. Be the leader your community needs! As more and more communities feel that influence, you will help restore and strengthen our country to be more stable and resilient!

Our community and our country are the sum of all the steps we’ve taken so far, both good and bad. Our future is what we make it!

We at American Contingency encourage you to think about your role in securing the blessings of life and liberty for yourself and future generations. Seek ways to step up and fill the gaps, and be an example of a concerned citizen who envisions a country we can be proud of!