Why should you carry pepper spray?

woman spraying pepper spray

By Sam Hoober, GunDigest

Pepper spray, also called OC spray for the active ingredient of oleoresin capsicum, is the most effective less-lethal weapon available. Whether carried alongside a firearm or instead of one, pepper spray can make for an excellent addition to anyone’s arsenal. As John Correia of Active Self Protection likes to say, OC spray gives you an option between “a harsh word and a gun.”

OC spray is more effective than any other less-lethal tool. Electrical weapons (e.g., Axon-brand TASERs) have a failure rate close to (or more than) 50 percent, making pepper spray the far more reliable option.

Pepper spray can be an indispensable tool for both uniformed officers and private citizens. For the former, it helps to gain control of a violent suspect without resorting to beating or shooting them. For the latter, it provides a self-defense solution for situations where lethal force may not be justified.

Pepper spray can also give you a tiered force response if carried in conjunction with a firearm. For example, maybe a wild dog is approaching you with aggressive body language. Preemptively putting a hole in it before it actually attacks you may result in legal trouble or upsetting your neighbors, but deploying OC spray can silently dissuade the situation before it has a chance to escalate.

If a person wanted to carry a weapon of some sort but not necessarily a firearm or anything else potentially lethal, pepper spray is far and away the best option regardless of gender. Man or woman, cop or civilian, pepper spray works if used correctly.

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